Nosferatu (minicomic)

Rob Marland
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Nosferatu, a classic of 1920s German expressionist cinema, was adapted from Bram Stoker's Dracula without permission from the author's widow. Florence Stoker demanded that the picture be burned. Miraculously, one print survived.

In 2016 adapted the vampire classic as a silent comic. It was the first comic I made, and was an exercise in practising the use of various media: pen, pencil, charcoal, and linocut.

I hope that if you love Nosferatu, you will also enjoy this book.

  • You'll get a PDF of the comic

  • Size
    90.1 MB
  • Length
    47 pages
  • You'll get a PDF of the comic
  • Size90.1 MB
  • Length47 pages
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Nosferatu (minicomic)

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